Digital, 3D & Gaming

One of the most exciting and highest growth sectors in the IT jobs market today is Digital, 3D and Gaming.

Throughout the years, software and hardware has evolved from the very simple Atari and Nintendo graphics and basic ‘brochure’ websites to the complex 3D and multi-level games, interactive marketing and social media of the present. There are no limits to game and marketing designing these days and this multibillion-dollar industry is ballooning and spreading across other industries at a pace no one ever thought was possible.

The need for expertise has increased dramatically through the demand for better and ever more creative solutions. Therefore, the outlook for anyone experienced in this sector looking for their next move is very promising - particularly if they are talking to the right recruiter…

Working with some of the leading game studios, digital marketing companies and 3D design houses across the UK and mainland Europe, we work hard to place the very best people in the industry and OCC has been supplying staff across this sector since its infancy and have provided skills and expertise that have assisted some of the largest organisations within the global digital domain.

Roles which we regularly recruit for include (but are not limited to) Front End and Back End Web Developers, Graphic Designers, 4d Motion Designers, Lead Programmers, Artists, Senior Animators and 3D Designers...

We are skilled in the provision of some of the rarest skillsets within this sector and take pride in the scale and flexibility of our contacts across this industry.