Embedded and mobile technologies have been at the heart of the biggest technology revolution to have affected us all since the Industrial Revolution, with profound effects on how we live our lives OCC has been engaged in these technologies since their initial development in the 1970s and 1980s when military,  medical, telecommunications, and industrial systems began to use small fixed memory devices for local real time control. These have since blossomed into ever more powerful chips in use in billions of devices worldwide.

The supply of people with skills in embedded technologies or RTOS continues to fail to keep pace with worldwide demand as the use of these technologies proliferates so OCC is always recruiting engineers from across the world with skills in - embedded Linux, ARM, Motorola, Intel 16 and 32 bit processors, board level hardware, digital, analogue, mixed signal CMOS etc.

Within the mobile computing area OCC has been involved since the convergence  of communications and computing technology in the late 1980s in ground breaking projects in handset design, graphics, audio, LBS,  device level technology and mobile computing in the web area, and of course apps development specifically for Android and Apple IOS devices.

If you are therefore an embedded or mobile technology skilled engineer from wherever in the world or a client looking for those rare niche skills we would love to hear from you.